Increasing Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Self-Service Tools

By Jo Arnstad 2. April 2019

How the Norwegian investment consultancy Grieg Investor has vamped up their digital presence to provide a seamless customer experience for their clients through digital self-service tools.

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The Value of Concept Design Sprints for Financial Services

By Janicke Paus Hellebust 22. January 2019

Why excellence in design thinking is the best starting point for your digitalisation journey.

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Improving the Claims Customer Experience with Connected Insurance

By Ronny Reppe 12. June 2018

Other than the regular annual policy renewal, claims processes are one of the few occasions when a customer comes into contact with their insurance company. And it’s often a tedious and time-consuming affair. Practical use of sensor technology and IoT allows insurers to deliver more responsive claims customer experiences. 

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