Trond Erik Østhagen

Trond Erik Østhagen is the CEO of Noria Consulting. He has a master’s degree in economics and management and have more then 15 years of experience within the financial sector both from the business and IT perspective. He has extensive project- and program management experience based on agile development methodology often with a combination of offshore- and onshore resources. His strength is to mature an idea into a concept and then implement the concept into a tangible product for the customers. Lately he has been in charge of the planning and implementing one of the largest digitalization programs within the banking industry in Norway.

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Launching Successful Digital Concept Development: A 5-Step Guide

By Trond Erik Østhagen 1. June 2018

The banking industry stands at the brink of digital disruption, and a growing number of incumbents are launching digital projects to combat increased competition and cater to heightened customer expectations. The ones who will succeed with their digital projects are the ones who invest time and resources in digital concept development.

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Offshoring Software Development Projects: A How-To Guide

By Trond Erik Østhagen 5. May 2018

“Just drop it in Manila” ­– the phrase most commonly heard in organisations who fail in their offshoring endeavours. Successful offshoring requires businesses to move beyond a simplistic approach to a rigorously and thoroughly researched and planned approach. Those who are able, are rewarded with cost reduction opportunities, new product and service development and a competitive business edge.

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