Data Visualisation for Insurers: What it is and Why it Matters

By Ronny Reppe 14. December 2017

Data visualisation is more than just fancy pictures and models. If deployed correctly, it can be a source of deep insight into business operations. For the insurance industry specifically, data visualisation may drive innovation, increase profitability and improve customer service.

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Automate Everything! A Guide to Insurance Industry Automation

By Ronny Reppe 14. December 2017

Insurers are notorious for their outdated work processes. Where other industries have improved and refined their processes to the point of extreme efficiency, the insurance industry is lagging behind with inadequate operations. To overcome this, several insurers are turning to automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency. But are they doing it right?

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Temaer: Automation & effectivity

How to Digitise your Business Processes: 5 Key Areas of Focus

By Ronny Reppe 14. December 2017

Digital disruption, IoT, robotics. Analytics, big data, AI. Social media, cognitive computing, machine learning. There are so many trends and buzzwords at the moment that it’s almost impossible to follow and understand all of them. So, to help you successfully navigate the digital landscape, here are five key areas we think you should focus your efforts on.

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